Friday, August 20, 2010

This Fall Go International with 3 Pommes

Take back to school fashion international! 3 Pommes is a European line with adorable classics for school season. All of their pieces can be mixed and matched for a complete fall-savvy wardrobe.

Check out their Lavender Cardigan – Sizes 4 – 12. 3 Pommes reinvents the cardigan and makes it a fashionable piece that is also suitable for cold weather. Typically, cardigans are thin and do not provide much warmth. 3 Pommes Lavender Cardigan is fitted and easy for your little one to take on and off.

Keep extra warm with the 3 Pommes City Chic Jacket/Vest Combo Coat –Sizes 4 – 12. No matter how much snow you get this winter, 3 Pommes will keep your daughter warm and comfortable. This is also a great and affordable gift idea for the winter holidays.

This darling 3 Pommes Lavender Twirl Skirt – Sizes 4 – 12 will be a winner in your child’s closet. This skirt is cute enough for four year olds and preteens alike. For the fall and winter season, leggings can be worn underneath. As soon as spring hits, this skirt is also perfect for a cool look. Pair this skirt with 3 Pommes Lavender Necklace Puff Sleeve Tee – Sizes 4 – 12. 3 Pommes is not afraid to mix similar colors. Mixing the lighter lavender shirt with the darker lavender skirt results in a sweet look. 3 Pommes also matched the Lavender Cardigan (above) with the same color jeans – resulting in a chic, girly look.

A classic piece to have is the 3 Pommes Chemisier Chic Tunic w/belt – Sizes 4 – 12. This tunic is perfect for school. The tunic will go with just about anything. Pair it with 3 Pommes Royal Victoria Red Plaid Skirt - Sizes 4 – 12 or 3 Pommes Violet Plaid Skirt - Sizes 4 – 12 for a classic school girl look. The belted tunic can also be worn with jeans, under jumpers, and even with leggings.

The 3 Pommes Black Bottlecap Tee – Sizes 4 – 12 is too cool for school. This top is fashionable, yet casual. It can be paired with the 3 Pommes plaid skirts or the 3 Pommes lavender jeans. To make this shirt look more rock and roll, add a denim jacket on top.

When you need back to school basics, 3 Pommes is the brand for you. Their pieces are very versatile and will not go out of style. Let 3 Pommes put a little bit of Europe in your closet.

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